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Do you live in Ocean Springs, MS? Does your roof have missing or damaged shingles that have led to leaks and other problems? If the answer is yes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a full roof replacement. Almost any roof, regardless of its condition, can benefit from life-extending repairs. Below are a few of the most frequent questions and answers about residential roof repair in the area.

If There’s Moss on My Roof, Is It Too Late for Roof Repair?

Lichens and moss usually grow on rooftops where there’s a humid climate and ample shade, which describes most of the Ocean Springs area. This moss and lichen grow into the edges of shingles, lifting them and making the roof more likely to leak.

Sometimes, contractors and homeowners try to pressure-wash the growth away, but this method can damage the roof by knocking shingles loose or removing their protective coating entirely. We suggest cleaning the roof once or twice every two years, and we only use eco-friendly, non-corrosive products to restore your shingles to new condition, prevent leaks, and increase the home’s curb appeal.

There are Shingle Granules in My Gutters, Will My Roof Leak?

When shingles lose their granules, it indicates the need for roof repair. As the granules are washed away, the shingles will dry out, crack, and leave the roof more susceptible to leaks and other problems. Call us today for a professional evaluation and roof leak repair recommendations that are tailored to the needs of Ocean Springs residents.

My Roof’s Shingles are Torn, Split, or Missing, Do I Need a New Roof?

Numerous factors can cause shingles to curl, split, or be removed entirely. However, missing or damaged shingles don’t mean you have to pay for a new roof. It’s important to pay attention to the shingles, but we make it easy with our professional inspections, leak repairs, and shingle replacement.

Why Do Some Roofers Automatically Recommend Replacement?

In many cases, roof replacement can be avoided. While we’ll recommend it if a roof leak is irreparable and poses health or safety risks, at Fortenberry Construction, we believe

it’s easier to maintain an existing roof than to install a new one. Before investing in a new roof, call Fortenberry Construction in Ocean Springs, MS for a second opinion. We offer free, no-pressure consultations, and we’ll always make the recommendations that are best for your roof and your budget.

Shouldn’t Roofs be Replaced Every 10-15 Years?

According to the NCRA (National Roofing Contractors Association), the average asphalt shingle lasts 20 years. However, your roof’s lifespan may be affected by factors such as its slope, the construction materials used, the local climate, and the type of maintenance it has received. Just because your roof has reached a certain age, doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced.

Just like your vehicle, your roof should be regularly maintained and frequently inspected. Preventive maintenance is crucial for maximizing a roof’s lifespan, and failure to perform the necessary upkeep will cause your roof to leak and deteriorate. If you can restore and repair a leaky roof rather than replace it, you’ll save money and keep materials out of the landfill. Call Fortenberry Construction for a thorough evaluation, scheduled maintenance, and roof leak repair in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

My Flashing Isn’t in Good Condition. Should I Get a Leak Inspection?

Roof flashing is commonly found around chimneys, skylights, and vents, and when it’s working as it should, it prevents rainwater from getting into the underlayment and causing a leak. We’ll examine these points, along with the rest of the roof, to ensure that there are no breaks, cracks, or missing shingles, which can all cause leaks.

My Roof Has a Leak. Should I Replace It?

Roof problems tend to develop over time, and leaks may appear several years before replacement becomes necessary. Many contractors – not roofing professionals – will, without ever inspecting your roof, say that water is coming through and the old roof must be torn off and replaced. Roof replacement is quite costly, and we strongly believe that proactive maintenance and prompt leak repair are a superior option to unnecessary replacement.

Many times, roof leaks occur because the flashing. Sometimes the issue is as simple as metal strips, which keep penetration points watertight, have come loose or deteriorated. Other reasons for roof leaks are clogged gutters, missing shingles, loosening of skylight seals, or a deteriorated chimney.

Call Fortenberry Construction to evaluate and resolve these potential issues today.

Why Does My Roof Sag and Droop?

Not only do saggy roofs look unattractive, they can point to larger problems. Your home’s roof line should be completely straight, with no curves, sags, or dips. In some instances, a sagging roof indicates structural issues caused by rotting boards underneath the shingles and prolonged leaks.

A sagging roof should be professionally inspected right away, as the severity of the problem and the extent of repairs can be impossible to determine with an untrained eye. While it doesn’t always pose an immediate risk, sagging roofs are easier and less expensive to maintain when they’re taken care of before they get out of hand. As with other roofing issues, the longer you wait, the more severe the problems with your Ocean Springs home will become.

How Long Does Leak Repair Take?

The answer to this question depends on the nature of the problem. If repairs are confined to a small area and aren’t that complex, they can be completed in just a few hours. However, if complete replacement is required, the job will take longer depending on the condition of the roof, the presence of additional shingle layers, the roof’s pitch, and its size.

Does the Roof’s Warranty Cover the Leak?

Roofing material manufacturers’ warranties come with strict service requirements. For the warranty to be honored, it must be checked by an authorized installer before leak repairs take place. Choosing an unauthorized contractor may void the warranty, but our GAF-certified workers can fix the leak and restore the roof to its previous condition.

Don’t Delay, Get the Leak Fixed Today

Your home’s roof is its main line of defense against the elements, and a leak can cause extensive damage to the structure and expose everyone inside to the elements.

If you’ve encountered a leak or other roof issue, you may think that replacement is the only option, but there are alternatives.

When it’s time to maintain your roof, it’s important to work with the professionals you can trust. Our service locations span the MS gulf coast region, including Ocean Springs.

Call Fortenberry Construction today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection.

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