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A Higher Level of Residential Roofing Service for the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is a great place to live, but there is no denying that the harsh rainy season can be hard on roofs. At Fortenberry Construction Inc., we’re dedicated to helping families throughout the Gulf Coast make the most of each home’s roof.

As one of the state’s highest-rated and best-reviewed roofing companies, we take the time to cater to each client’s needs. We offer a full range of residential roofing services to ensure every Gulf Coast home can always be properly protected:

  • Storm damage repair. Whether because another hurricane has come in from the Gulf or in response to a severe hailstorm, our highly trained, licensed roof technicians are ready to respond. Protecting and repairing a roof quickly after a storm is often the best way to keep an entire home safe.
  • Routine repairs and maintenance. Even well-constructed roofing will deteriorate over time, and we pride ourselves on helping roofs rebound from these less-dramatic types of damage. Where other companies might prefer to stick to far more expensive replacement jobs, we’re always happy to extend the lifetime of a roof with routine repairs or maintenance.
  • Inspections. Our extensive experience allows us to accurately assess the condition of any roof under all kinds of conditions. We regularly work with homeowners and buyers to provide detailed, reliable assessments of residential roofs and recommendations regarding any work they might need.
  • Replacement. Every roof will eventually reach the end of its useful life, and we’re always ready to install a replacement when that moment arrives. The same care and diligence we apply to all of our other work ensures that every replacement roof we install holds up well for a long time to come.

We’re proud Gulf Coast residents ourselves, and we truly care about this special community. From our headquarters in Ocean Springs, MS, we serve the entire Gulf Coast region. Read on to learn even more about our services or give us a call right now to see what Fortenberry Construction can do for you.

Fast, Top-Quality Storm Damage Repair for Residential Roofing

Every residential roof provides a critically important layer of protection to the home below it. When storm-driven high winds or hail damage a roof, responding quickly and effectively is always important.

We regularly work with Gulf Coast families whose own homes’ roofs have suffered storm damage. From putting down tarps to shield the affected areas to starting repairs as soon as possible, our roofing experts are dedicated to minimizing the impact of every storm for our clients.

When minor damage has been sustained, we will go the extra mile to match shingles and take other steps to ensure a fast, low-impact repair. On the other side of the scale, our technicians are prepared to evaluate exposed decking and spot other types of serious damage that might escape other roofers.

We know how stressful Gulf Coast storms can be, and we do always do everything we can to support our clients in every way possible.

Routine Repairs and Roofing Maintenance

When it comes to less involved types of residential roof repair, we are every bit as diligent. Many roofs will end up losing a shingle or two over time or suffering from minor flashing or collar problems. Our technicians take these jobs just as seriously as the rest of their work, and that benefits our clients.

In fact, routine repairs that extend the lifetimes of Gulf Coast roofs are a cornerstone of our business. We believe in building relationships with our clients, and that means helping them make the most of their residential roofing investments. While they might not always seem as urgent as certain other jobs we handle, the routine roofing repairs we provide throughout the Gulf Coast can be every bit as valuable. Looking for our past residential roofing work? Visit our gallery.

Accurate, Insightful Roof Inspections

Buying or selling a home on the Gulf Coast can be a significant change in your life. Our technicians are always available to provide roof inspections to either sellers or buyers to ensure you get the most out of it.

Scheduling an inspection with Fortenberry Construction is a sure way of becoming more informed and better positioned to make the most of a home sale. Working on behalf of sellers, our residential roofing inspectors help ensure that deals will never need to be delayed or even scuttled because of problems that were not identified earlier on. Buyers can count on our roofing experts to provide not just accurate assessments of the current state of each roof, but also of how much work it will likely need in the future.

Industry-Leading Roof Replacement Services

Properly installed, well-maintained residential roofs are meant to provide years of service. As with anything else, however, every roof will eventually reach the end of its useful lifetime.

We have installed top-quality replacement roofs all over Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, and we’re always ready to do the same for new customers. Our roofing experts will never suggest a replacement when a simple repair would suffice, but we have the skills, experience, and materials needed to succeed and impress whenever a new roof is needed. Some of the types of roofing replacement projects we frequently work on include:

* Architectural shingles. Rugged, attractive architectural shingles often make a great fit for the Gulf Coast. We regularly install replacement roofs on area homes using top-quality GAF architectural shingles.

* Metal roofs. Metal roofing is another especially long-lasting choice that suits many Gulf Coast homes perfectly. At Fortenberry Construction, our roofing experts have the training, experience, and skills needed to install beautiful, reliable metal roofs.

* Custom roofing. Our roofing experts are always ready to account for the unique details that set so many Gulf Coast homes apart. We make sure to account for every relevant factor and are well known for our ability to excel when installing or replacing even the most complex of residential custom roofs.

A Gulf Coast Roofing Company You Can Trust

If there is one thing that drives us in our everyday work, it is an appreciation for the importance of

each and every home’s roof to a Gulf Coast family. We know that it can be difficult to entrust a home and its roof to a new roofer, and we take our responsibilities seriously.

Our commitment to the Gulf Cost means that we always strive to leave every customer satisfied and more. Our reviews and ratings reflect the quality of work we do and the level of personalized service we provide to every client. Give us a call today to talk about what Fortenberry Construction can do for your home, its roof, and your family.

GAF I.D. #CE 29993
MS #R0 2961
8:00a-5:00p Mon-Sat