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Roofing contractors deal with new construction, replacing old or damaged roofs, and providing routine maintenance to keep homes weathertight. It’s a good idea for Gulf Coast homeowners to find a trusted roofing expert like those at Fortenberry Construction of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, that will always be available when roofing issues develop.

Choose Your Roofer Carefully

In the past, roofing projects were pretty much the same. Traditional three-tab shingles were the most common type of roofing product available and, at the same time, tended to be the least expensive option for property owners. That’s why so many area homes still have three-tab shingles today. However, today’s roofing systems are more complex, with homeowners having numerous shingle options to select from.

In addition to newer types of shingles, the techniques used during an installation are also quite different. With an increased emphasis on energy savings and durability, every element of a modern roofing system plays a vital role. For property owners, that means contractors providing roof construction ocean springs need to be trained to properly install and maintain those newer products. We work closely with manufacturers like GAF to make sure our team is always up to date with today’s roofing systems.

Roofers should also be fully aware of the climate in the region and how that climate impacts home roofs. Wind, hail, and horizontal rains are all problems confronting the region’s roofing professionals, and we take steps to help our clients understand how to deal with those issues.

Roofing Systems Are Complex

In the past, most roofs were installed using a minimum of supplies, tools, and other equipment. Today, codes have changed, and new products don’t always lend themselves to older installation strategies. Fortenberry Construction has updated its training so every one of its installers is well aware of the newest industry standards and how those standards affect our clients’ roofing installations.

We design systems to accommodate the needs of homeowners throughout the region regardless of their homes’ designs. Complicated roof designs commonly seen in today’s homes mean flashing techniques are even more important than in the past. Skylights and light tubes are common elements that need special attention during construction and when maintenance is needed.

Specialized materials are used to minimize the potential for water leaks during high winds, and even ridge caps are specially designed for the region’s sometimes harsh weather. We also know that moisture and heat impact the lifespans of various roofing products and recommend the ones we see as providing the best long-term results for clients.

What our clients actually see, however, is the surface of the roof. That’s why it’s so important to search online using keywords like roof construction near me. While there are certainly multiple roofing contractors working in the region, we encourage customers to review the types of work a company offers and, more importantly, their service history in the area. It takes time to select the best roofing material for a home, and we always want our customers to be happy with their selection.

Exploring Different Types of Shingles Available

When you search online for “roof replacement near me,” make sure the contractor you’re considering offers more than one shingle option. There are different shingle options to select from, with each one offering advantages and disadvantages. The team at Fortenberry Construction will always encourage clients to review all the choices before selecting roofing products for their homes.

Since many homeowners view cost as the most important consideration, traditional three-tab shingles will almost certainly be mentioned. Three-tab shingles are relatively inexpensive to install, but there are other issues that enter the picture.

Three-tab shingles don’t hold up as well during severe weather events. Since major storms are common in the region, homes with three-tab shingles are somewhat more likely to experience weather-related damage. That’s why we recommend property owners consider stepping up to a sturdier shingle.

Timberline and designer shingles are more expensive initially than their three-tab cousins but tend to better withstand strong winds and hail. That means spending a little more initially generally ends up being a good decision. Better-quality shingles also last longer even in the region’s hot and damp conditions. If you’re at the point where replacing an aging roof is going to be necessary, why not take the time now to review your options with one of our experts?

Looks Are Also Important

Homeowners are also concerned with the appearance of their property. With the many shingle options now available, it’s not hard to find choices that enhance a specific home’s looks. That’s important when owners are contemplating selling the home in the future, but how a property fits into the neighborhood is also important.

Remember that some areas have protective covenants that dictate the types of materials deemed acceptable for homes in the neighborhood. In many areas, the associations may not care which type of shingle is used, but they might require colors within a certain palate be installed.

It’s also a good idea to keep the neighbors happy. Installing any type of roof that contrasts to sharply with the area’s norms can cause conflicts. It’s far easier to work closely with one of our team members to pick an option that will add appeal to the home while still complying with any area rules. If you’re unsure of the area’s requirements, we’ll do whatever is possible to find answers and solutions to any potential conflicts.

Always Choose the Professionals

When you’re online and searching for “roof replacement near me,” pay close attention to every contractor’s qualifications. Deal with experts that have experience in the area and provide quality roofing products.

Fortenberry Construction’s team of roofing experts is always available to answer your questions. Since every home’s needs will tend to be somewhat unique, we’re available to provide customized solutions to make sure your home’s roof always provides adequate protection.

If your home has experienced storm damage or you’re unsure what type of repairs might be needed, take that first step and contact us for a roof inspection. Once the inspection is completed, we’ll provide options to deal with any roofing problems we discover.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our team members, contact Fortenberry Construction today.