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Fortenberry Construction is dedicated to providing homeowners throughout the Mississippi gulf coast area with high-quality roofing services at affordable prices. GAF-certified experts, our team uses only the best materials, so our clients will have a roof they are confident in. When the weather turns severe, no one wants to worry about their roof leaking. By choosing Fortenberry Construction, you no longer have to worry about the quality of your roof repairs or maintenance.

Many roofers immediately recommend replacing the roof to try to make the most profit. New roofs aren’t always needed, however; sometimes all the roof needs is simple re-shingling work. When a homeowner calls on our services, they know they will get a truthful assessment of the problem and any work recommended will be necessary.

Below are the services we offer to residents in the MS gulf coast area.

Roof Leak Repair

A roof may leak for a variety of reasons. Homeowners often are tempted to simply put a bucket under the leak and delay having any repairs made; however, this is a sign of a larger problem with the roof, so it is best to act quickly. Typically, fixing the problem won’t take long, and a repair is much less expensive than a roof replacement.

What are some common causes of roof leaks?

Flashing tends to crack with time, as tar is used to seal the various pieces together. When the tar corrodes, rain can make its way through the erosion, and that’s when the leak appears. Replacing the flashing takes little time and the repair ensures the home, its contents, and everyone inside remain protected from the elements.

Heavy rains and high winds can damage or break shingles, and this problem tends to be easy to spot. A section of roof that looks different from the rest is a sign of a shingle problem. Replacing the damaged shingles ensures the structural integrity of the roof, helping extend its lifetime.

Other common problems seen with roofs include improperly sealed valleys and skylights that were not properly sealed at the time of installation. Regardless of what is leading to the roof leak, Fortenberry Construction can locate the source of the problem and correct it. Simply give us a call for your roof leak repair and we’ll be happy to determine the problem for you and recommend services to help stop the leak as soon as possible.


Re-shingling a roof is what most homeowners think of when they consider roof repairs. They assume the roofer comes in and replaces any shingles that are damaged or missing and fixes other issues with the roof. However, they don’t realize there are options and levels of quality when it comes to re-shingling services. Of course, without knowing this, it can be bewildering to see how re-shingling quotes can vary so significantly from roofer to roofer. Once you understand the options, however, you can better decide which is best for your home and your current situation.

Overlaying a roof is one way to re-shingle the home. This option is typically only available when a home only has one layer of shingles, however. Many residential building codes prohibits homeowners from having two layers of shingles on a roof and installing a third simply because the roof deck is not capable of holding the weight of the shingles. Add to this heavy wind and hail or other elements and the roof could collapse.

The major benefit of overlaying is there is no need to rip off the old shingles. As a result, the job takes less time, and this means less cost to the homeowner. Many roofing companies recommend this option, but there are drawbacks to this option as well.

Shingles adhere better when attached directly to the roof deck. This is of great importance in areas where high winds are an issue. Furthermore, there may be problems with the roof deck and which cannot be seen unless the old shingles are removed. A roof deck that is damaged may lead to the loss of not only shingles but also the sheathing that comprises the deck. This could lead to extensive damage over time as the interior of the home would be exposed to the elements until the necessary repairs can be made.

Removing the old shingles eliminates these issues. Furthermore, there is another major benefit to re-shingling the initial layer. When the first layer of shingles is removed, it’s possible to add a beneficial water buildup, preventing standing water. Any water that remains on the roof for a long period of time may lead to roof leaks and costly repairs as it erodes the tar between shingles and the deck material.

Furthermore, roofing manufacturers are always finding new ways to improve their products. As a result, installation methods may change with time. When the old shingles are removed from the roof, there is less risk of damage due to the use of outdated materials. The new roofing shingles are installed using the latest information available, helping to boost the structural integrity of the home.

At Fortenberry Construction, we recommend re-shingling over overlaying. While the first option does allow the homeowner to save money at the time of the re-shingling, the likelihood of higher expenses down the road increase.

One thing to remember when comparing the various options is the purpose of the roof. A well-maintained roof not only improves the curb appeal of the home, but it also keeps energy costs under control. Furthermore, it protects the structural integrity of the home and prevents further damage during hurricane and storm seasons.

Contact Fortenberry Construction today to speak to a roofing professional and discuss the options available to you. It’s important that our customers are informed about their options, so each roof can last a lifetime.

Architectural Shingle Repair

Architectural shingles remain the preferred choice for many homeowners due to their extreme durability. However, severe weather or damage from a stray debris can lead to the roof developing a leak. Homeowners often believe they can replace the shingles without assistance.

However, roof repair is an exceedingly dangerous task to an individual without proper training and experience. With high-pitched roofs, it can be nearly impossible to do this task without heavy equipment, and you risk a dangerous fall or other type of injury. Furthermore, repairing a shingle yourself may void the warranty on the roof, which may extend for decades. This may also lead to faulty repairs, causing a worse leak, or further damage to the roof.

In any case, it is best to leave this work to the trained professionals at Fortenberry Construction. They are trained in architectural shingle installation and repair, as well as ensuring the warranty will not be voided. Call us today and we’ll be happy to take on the repair, so you can rest easy knowing your roof is stable, safe, and keeping you dry in the rainy season.

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs last for up to 50 years when properly maintained, which is a big draw to the material for many homeowners looking for something new and modern for their home. However, this roofing material is prone to leaks for a variety of reasons.

Improper installation may result in a leak due to a roof penetration that has been left unprotected or a required sealant not being used at a penetration or joint. Missing tape sealant may lead to a leak under a screw head or the failure to put an extra sealant strip at eave connections or four-way panel laps may result in problems.

Other problems can occur with a metal roof that are a bit trickier to repair. Moisture infiltration may be seen at vertical locations and/or ridge vents. The metal could split, develop a hole, or something may protrude through the surface. Excessive rust and pitting have been seen with roofs of this type and may be a safety threat if left untreated. Fortunately, if you already have a metal roof, these issues can easily be fixed with the right tools and experience, found at Fortenberry Construction. We help homeowners fix these issues and take on maintenance tasks such as coating the metal roof to increase the weatherproofing. Give us a call today.

Flashing Repair

Metal roof flashing can be found in multiple places on a residential roof. The flashing works to protect valleys, the junctions and the edges of the roof where it meets any obstruction, such as a vent pipe, chimney or dormer. However, when the flashing fails for any reason, a leak will likely develop. Corrosion may lead to a small hole developing in the flashing, and this small hole can allow water into the home. Flashing is typically found in areas where water flow is the heaviest. Our professional roofers are trained to deal with these issues and determine the best solution for the type of home and roof they are working with.

Roof Inspections

Before you can address a problem in a timely manner, you first have to know about it. This is why routine roof inspections are important, especially in areas along the Gulf Coast where hurricane winds and heavy rains batter roofs every year. These inspections are especially important for those who are looking to sell their home, as the buyer will be interested in the roof integrity.

Roof inspection is a timely process involving several steps and missing even one can lead to more costly repairs in the future. At Fortenberry Construction, we never miss a step; but you should understand the steps just as well. What should a roof inspection consist of?

  • A general inspection of the roof, including both the interior and the exterior, to determine if there is any physical damage or surface deterioration.
  • An examination of the skylights, vents, chimneys, drains, gutters and fascia to detect problems.
  • The shingles need to be checked for curling, breaks, and other damage. Missing shingles will be discovered at this time.
  • The roof valleys must be inspected for signs of leaks and any missing or damaged flashing located.
  • The vent pipes need to be examined for rubber boots that are worn or cracked.
  • Moss or lichen on the roof is a sign that the roof has decay under the surface.
  • Colored grit in the gutters could indicate shingle damage.
  • Check for damage within the home, such as a damp spot by a fireplace or a dark area on the ceiling. These are both signs water has entered the home.

These are the most common areas to be checked during a roof inspection. It’s also important that homeowners walk outside after any severe weather and examine their roof visually, from their lawn. This task can easily be carried out with a set of binoculars. However, a complete inspection should be done at least yearly, and this is where it’s important to call in the professionals to climb on the roof and carry out the examination. For optimal protection, it’s best to have this inspection done twice yearly, in the spring and in the fall. This ensures problems are detected before cooler weather sets in and any problems that developed over the winter are addressed promptly.

Roof Replacement and New Construction

We are specialists in residential roofing, happy to assist customers in need of a roof replacement, but this is never the first option for us at Fortenberry Construction. Our goal is to help homeowners maintain their roof, helping to extend the lifespan of their roof. Additionally, we do work with homeowners who are building a new home. We are happy to assist new homeowners in new roof construction, as everyone deserves a roof they are confident will withstand the test of time.

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