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There is no good time of year to deal with a leaky roof. However, there’s also no excuse for putting it off, especially on the Gulf Coast, where storms can be frequent and storm damage can be substantial. Whether your roof is composed of traditional asphalt shingles, thicker architectural shingles, or more modern metal shingles, it will be more prone to failure in a storm if it is already suffering from existing damage.

While some roofing companies have developed a reputation for suggesting roof replacements even when they aren’t necessary, our professional roofers can be trusted to offer advice and repairs that can help you extend the longevity of your roof. Often, shingle repair can actually prevent the need for a roof replacement, provided you call as soon as signs of damage become apparent.

Our team is well aware of how important annual and post-storm inspections are to your family’s safety and comfort as well as the longevity of your home. We go the extra mile to go over your entire roof with a fine-toothed comb, covering both interior and exterior components to make sure everything is in optimum condition.

As a local roofing company, we value our clients and take pride in building our reputation on trust and satisfaction. We won’t exaggerate the extent of your roof damage to boost our own bottom line like some members of our industry have been known to do. At the same time, we won’t cut corners just to be able to provide the lowest possible estimate. What we will do is perform a comprehensive assessment, explain your options and work with you to find a roof repair solution that meets your needs and budget.

We are a GAF-certified company, meaning you’ll receive the best quality roofing around the country when you choose Fortenberry Construction. To become and remain among the handful of GAF-certified roofing companies in the country, we are held to the highest standards in quality. Testimonials from previous clients will attest to this.

At Fortenberry Construction, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to the ongoing education of our roofers so we can bring you the most up-to-date products and techniques in roof installation and repair.

Choosing Who to Call

Evaluating whether or not a roofing company is telling it straight when it comes to quantifying and qualifying damage and recommending solutions is primarily a matter of knowing the state of your own roof. Of course, basic visual inspections don’t replace the need for periodic professional evaluations, but there are a few ways that you can tell whether or not your roof has sustained damage after a storm.

Familiarizing yourself with the warning signs of damage and what they mean for your roof can help you evaluate the suggestions your roofing company is making and whether they seem on the level.

How to Recognize Asphalt Shingle Damage

It’s often possible to identify signs of damage to asphalt shingles before they become serious enough to cause noticeable leaks, but only if you remain diligent about performing periodic visual inspections of your roof. After each storm, it’s a good idea to perform a visual inspection of the roof’s exterior. First, looking for warning signs such as curling around the edges of the shingles and noticeable cracks or tears.

Next, take a walk around the home’s perimeter, checking the areas around the gutters’ downspouts for granules. As asphalt shingles wear, they begin to shed these granules, which makes them weaker and less able to withstand heavy rain and wind. In some cases, high winds can rip asphalt shingles off entirely or cause them to become so loose that water is able to seep in beneath them.

Once the outside of the home has been inspected for obvious signs of damage, it’s time to take a look at its attic or crawl space. If you notice elevated humidity, damp rafters, or signs of water damage such as brown, yellow, or gray stains, chances are there’s a leak. It can be extremely difficult to determine the exact location of the leak, as the water often travels along the roof’s interior or exterior before dripping down into the home, but we can help you locate it and suggest the most cost-efficient option for repairs. If the damaged or missing shingles are localized to one area of the home’s roof, it’s often possible for reshingling services to repair them without the need for an entirely new roof. Of course, only a reputable roofing contractor can make the final call on whether an asphalt roof can be successfully repaired.

How to Recognize Architectural Shingle Damage

Architectural shingles are similar to traditional asphalt shingles in appearance, though they do feature a more visually appealing textured look. They are also thicker and heavier than normal asphalt shingles, which, when combined with the use of fiberglass layers beneath their asphalt coating, makes them more durable and weather-resistant.

Though architectural shingles do last longer than traditional asphalt shingles, that doesn’t mean they are immune to storm damage and general wear. If your home features architectural shingle roofing, you should still perform periodic visual inspections to look for cracked, damaged, or loose shingles and missing granules.

If you’ve noticed signs of wear, be sure to contact a roofing company that has dedicated experience working with architectural shingles. Not every roofing contractor has experience repairing or replacing them, but with our dedicated and specialized reshingling services, you can get your roof back into pristine shape in no time.

How to Recognize Metal Shingle Damage

Metal shingles are remarkably weather-resistant, but no material can withstand all inclement weather indefinitely. The two most common forms of damage to metal roofing shingles are lifting at the edges of the shingles caused by severe high winds and storm damage due to falling branches and debris. When the edges of roofing shingles become compromised due to high winds, it can allow moisture to seep in and cause damage to the roof’s underlay.

The majority of storm damage to metal roofs occurs when falling objects hit the seams between the shingles or the fasteners. When this happens, a tiny opening can appear beneath the shingle, allowing moisture to get into the roofing system. These tiny openings can be very difficult to observe from the outside.

If your home features metal shingles, you should focus on checking for water damage in its attic or crawlspace. Head up after each storm to ensure that there is no pooling or dripping water, and check back periodically to look for signs of excess humidity such as mold growth and water stains.

Signs of Damage to Flashing

Your roof’s flashing is designed to direct water away from your home’s exterior walls. When it becomes loose or damaged, it can cause water to run down the home’s sides, leaving behind dark stains and water spots. These stains will be more obvious following serious storms.

When checking the state of your home’s flashing, you should keep in mind that the area between the shingles and walls likely won’t be the only potential problem area. Homes that feature chimneys or skylights will also have flashing surrounding these structures. Be sure to check for curling, buckling, or missing flashing around these and other roof features and look for signs of significant rust damage, as the pinprick holes caused by rust can widen and allow water to get in.

It is absolutely essential that you pay adequate attention to the flashing each time you evaluate the condition of your roof, as it is usually located in areas that are prone to heavy water flow. It’s not uncommon for substantial leaks to develop as a result.

Some companies and contractors like to take advantage of the fact that their customers don’t always know enough about roofing to understand how flashing works, suggesting full re-roofing to address the large amount of water that can wind up leaking into homes due to damaged flashing. Unlike these unscrupulous companies and individuals, we offer flashing repair and replacement along with our roof leak repair services, so you can rest assured that even if your flashing has become severely compromised we can provide a cost-effective solution.

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We do everything we can to provide low-cost alternatives to our clients instead of suggesting premature reroofing. However, if the shingles have been left to deteriorate without adequate maintenance and necessary repairs for too long, it will no longer be possible to save the roof. The best way for you to improve your chances of successfully avoiding more extensive, and expensive, roofing projects is to look into our roof leak repair services as soon as you’ve noticed any of the warning signs listed above.

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